Summer 2024 Skin Care Tips: Transitioning Your Routine for Different Weather

Summer 2024 Skin Care Tips: Transitioning Your Routine for Different Weather

Hey there, summer babes!  The sunny season is upon us, and it's time to give our skincare routine a fabulous summer makeover!

Let's dive into some helpful tips to keep your skin glowing and gorgeous all summer long. Ready to sparkle? ✨

1. Lighten Up Your Moisturizer

Say goodbye to heavy creams and hello to lightweight hydration! 🧴 Switch to an oil-free moisturizer that keeps your skin soft and dewy without feeling greasy. Look for superstar ingredients like hyaluronic acid to keep that moisture locked in.

Enter the Glass Skin Facial Cream, this cream is light-weight. Perfect for a hot Summer day, or to apply before your makeup. You can't go wrong with this superpower face cream.

2. Sunscreen Is Your BFF

Sun's out, SPF's out! Sunscreen is an absolute must. Choose a broad-spectrum SPF 30 or higher, and slather it on daily. Don't forget to reapply every two hours if you're soaking up the sun. Remember, a sun-kissed glow is cute, but sun damage is not!

3. Stay Hydrated, Gorgeous!

Hydration is the name of the game, inside and out. Sip on water throughout the day and treat your skin to a hydrating serum or mist. Aloe vera, glycerin, and rose water are your skin's besties for staying refreshed and radiant.

Try Frequency's First Aid Facial Mist to keep your skin dewy all season long. This fan-favorite mist also doubles as a hydrating facial toner. Featuring real fruit extracts, this mist is hydrating and antioxidant-rich to revive your skin. 

4. Exfoliate for Smooth Sailing

Summer can make your skin a bit more oily and prone to breakouts. Gently exfoliate once or twice a week to keep your skin smooth and clear. Think of it as a mini spa day for your face! Just be gentle – we want to buff away dead skin, not irritate it.

5. Go Non-Comedogenic

Keep those pores happy and unclogged by using non-comedogenic products.  This means they won’t block your pores, reducing the chances of pesky breakouts. Check your foundation and sunscreen labels to make sure they're non-comedogenic.

Explore Frequency's clean skincare collection, to find your new favorite products for the Summer.

6. Antioxidants Are Everything

Load up on antioxidants to protect your skin from the summer elements. Vitamin C serums are perfect for brightening and fighting free radicals. Other great options include green tea extract and niacinamide – your skin will thank you!

Our BrightenRx Vitamin C Serum and Original Sin Vitamin C Oil are must-haves, perfect additions to your routine to keep your skin healthy and hydrated. 

7. Cleanse Like a Queen

Sweat and sunscreen can build up, so cleanse thoroughly but gently. A foaming cleanser works wonders to remove all that summer grime without stripping your skin. Double cleansing at night is a game-changer for that fresh-faced feeling.

8. Soothe Sun-Kissed Skin

Caught too much sun? Treat your skin to some TLC with soothing aloe vera gel. Skip the harsh stuff until your skin recovers. Cooling face masks and compresses can also bring sweet relief to sunburned skin.

9. Pucker Up with SPF

Don’t forget your lips need love too! Use a lip balm with SPF to protect your pout. Reapply often, especially after sipping on those refreshing summer drinks.

Try our Sweet Lips Plumper to keep your lips hydrated and supple. This product helps to hydrate and soften the lips with a sweet, peppermint flavor.

10. Nighttime Glow-Up

Switch your heavy night cream for a light gel or serum. Let your skin breathe and repair overnight with something lightweight. You'll wake up feeling fresh and fabulous, ready to take on another sunny day.

There you have it! Stay radiant, stay beautiful!

Transitioning your skincare routine for the summer is all about keeping things light, fresh, and fun. Follow these tips to stay glowing and gorgeous all season long. Enjoy the sunshine, beauties, and remember to sparkle! ✨