why are essential oils so ‘essential’?

why are essential oils so ‘essential’?

Essential oils work holistically on the mind, body, and spirit. The oils harness the magic of their parent plant, garnering its therapeutic properties to restore balance. There are now approximately 2000 known plants contributing to different essential oils! The value of essential oils in skincare relate to their diverse benefits. Restorative and nourishing, essential oils are the key ingredients to our skincare products. Why synthetically manipulate solutions for our skin, when plants already do the job for us? 

the plant’s essence

Nature lover or not, we can agree that plants hold a lot of power. A single essential oil can contain as many as 100 different chemical components. Every plant carries essential oils. In certain plants they’re extracted from dried seeds, peel, or resin. While in others they are found in roots, leaves, bark, or flowers. 

Each oil has a unique chemistry and properties that produce a distinct therapeutic, psychological, and physiological effect.

what’s in an oil?

Yes, we know that essential oils come from plants. But what are they made of? 

The various chemical components in an essential oil work together to give the oil unique properties and aromas. Each component plays a role, but some are more dominant and will determine how the oil will act on the body. 

Oils are made up of three components: 

  1. major
  2. minor
  3. trace 

These major components work with the more numerous minor and trace components, which all contribute to an oil’s aroma and therapeutic value. Each oil’s component parts are split into two further categories: 

  1. oxygenated compounds 
  2. terpenes 

Oxygenated compounds tend to be stronger smelling and longer lasting than terpenes. Oxygenated compounds contain alcohols which are antibacterial and can also be antiseptic. Terpenes have a range of properties, but spoil quickly when exposed to air. The natural benefits of these oils are endless. Rich in many different nourishing properties, essential oils benefit not only our bodies, but our minds and spirits too. 

why should I use essential oil based skincare?

If you’re not already sold on the magic of these oils, here’s why you should be.

The benefits of essential oils for the skin arise from their complex chemical makeup, active constituents, and the synergy between them. These reputed benefits include:

  1. protective antioxidant and antimicrobial properties 
  2. can balance or reduce skin oils
  3. calms inflammation or irritation 
  4. helps to preserve skin moisture
  5. supports skin repair
  6. improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles 

Those are just a few of many desirable benefits. Additionally, these all-natural oils enhance skincare products because they are absorbed easily through the skin, thereby being very receptive to simple topical remedies and applications. Unlike synthetics, the impact of an essential oil can be far-reaching, relaxing our senses and supporting our physical and psychological well-being for a truly holistic sense of wellness.

frequency skin works to customize each product to target a specific skin goal, and match the best essential oil for the job. No matter your skin type or concern, essential oils are essential to you!