5 Summer 2023 Trends

5 Summer 2023 Trends

5 Summer 2023 Trends

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May is here, which means Summer is just around the corner. Warm weather, short shorts, and all of the good stuff comes back in season. We’re here to give you our best 2023 Summer trend forecast, to make sure you’re in the know and ready for Summer. 

The Country Club Look


Get ready for collared shirts and tennis skirts this upcoming season. The ‘Country Club’ look is going to be in full force this Summer. This look is associated with classy and timeless pieces, so if you do invest in some staples to achieve this trend, don’t worry because they will never really go out of style. 

When thinking about what this look means, imagine an Upper East Side socialite. Dainty tennis skirts and form-fitting collared shirts that can double as an outfit both on and off the court. 

Frequency’s ‘Posh Set’ is a Summer must-have to meet this trend. Wear it on the golf course, to brunch, or just in your house because you literally won’t want to take it off. You can’t go wrong with this classic and timeless set, we promise!

Less makeup, More skincare

In general, Summer is a time to ditch the high-coverage foundation and let your skin breathe. Typically, most people are outdoors, on the beach, or in a pool and simply can’t be bothered with doing a full face of makeup. But, this year we are forecasting that this trend will be amplified, and carried into night looks as well, not just the daytime. 

This means, goodbye eyeliner and detailed contour. Hello, natural skin and light makeup. In the past few years we have been existing in an era where the beauty standards are unachievable and everyone is constantly looking to “fix” something about their appearance. In 2023, we are seeing a shift. Beauty gurus and the court of public opinion are beginning to agree that the natural look beats full glam this season. 

Frequency’s Baby Face Pearl Primer, is setting the stage for what the people will be wanting to meet these trends this Summer. This Pearl Primer is a pearlescent hydrating serum that is vitamin-rich, plus it gives a dewy glow that will be perfect top add a bit of pizazz for a light makeup look. Products like this pearl primer, dewy  tanning drops, and tinted moisturizers will be your best friend this Summer. 

Ballerina Aesthetic


Remember the three B’s: bows, ballet socks, and baby pink this season! Sparking from the Pilates Princess trend last year, we see this continuing this Summer, and we’re not mad about it. Again, you may have noticed by now the recurring ‘dainty’ and ‘classic’ theme. What fits that better than a ballerina? Nothing! 

Get your silk pink pajamas, a big bow, and cutesy dress. You’re gonna need it. 

Frequency’s ‘Ace Tennis Dress’ is the perfect choice for any activity or event this Summer. Barre class? Sure! A day of shopping? Perfect! Day drinking with friends? Why not? This Summer sun dress is a wear-it-wherever kind of piece, and what is better than that? Our Ace Tennis Dress also comes in Baby Blue. Run - don't walk.

Clean Face and Body Care

As a culture, we’re becoming more cognizant of what we put on not only our face, but our body as well. With an influx of information and an over-saturated skincare market, there are a lot of products to choose from and a lot of confusion about which is best. 

At frequency, we have our own way of doing things-to us less is more. Yes, we love the glitz and glam of high-fashion and luxury skincare, but we believe that we can achieve better results with minimal ingredients and essential-oil based products. Don’t worry, we still make it look good and feel luxe. 

For Summer 2023 we think more mogul brands will be more conscientious of the ingredients they’re adding into their products, because more consumers will be searching for clean beauty in all of their body care and skincare. 

Frequency has everything you need regarding clean beauty, for the face and skin. To highlight a few of our Summer favorites, meet our Rosehip Seed Oil, Golden Jojoba Oil, Eve's Secret Body Butter, and Defy Gravity Clay Mask to start you off on the right foot!

At-home Spa Care

Yes, the spa never goes out of style. But instead of spending a few hundred dollars on a massage, this season more people will invest in products to make their home feel like a spa. From bath TikTok to selfcare buzz videos, we know at-home spa nights will be the big Summer 2023 trend. Instead of ‘go go go’ Summer culture, this upcoming season the ‘in’ thing will be the three R’s: Rest, Relaxation, and Rejuvenation. 

Frequency has you covered in this department, from silky oils to bath bombs to luxe face masks. Light a candle and relax this Summer with our Casa de Eden candle, 2-wick country candle that smells like sweet vanilla with hints of orchid. End your at-home spa night with frequency's Forbidden Fruit Body Butter, we are your one-stop-shop for all things Bath and Spa!

Let Summer 2023 begin! 

There you have it, loves! The top 5 Summer 2023 trends.. which will you be looking forward to most? Message us on Instagram @frequencyskin to let us know.