How to Build a Skincare Routine for the ‘Glass Skin’ Look

How to Build a Skincare Routine for the ‘Glass Skin’ Look

Glass skin, everyone wants it, but not everyone knows how to get it. Don’t worry, frequency is here to help. Below we will outline the perfect skincare routine to conquer and achieve glass skin. 

What is Glass Skin?

‘Glass skin’ is a Korean beauty phrase that describes impossibly dewy, poreless skin. K-beauty is seeped in rich Korean history and traditions that stem from the natural and herbal remedies used within the country for various bodily ailments and skin care issues. The term ‘glass skin’ is used to describe skin that is crystal clear, translucent, and luminous; comparable to glass!

Although the phrase ‘glass skin’ originated in the K-beauty scene, it has now made its way to the Western world. Korean skin care is a wellness practice, and considers how skin is related to the whole body, as well as considering how the skin works as an ecosystem. Here at frequency we have a very similar philosophy. So it’s important to note that it takes more than just a skincare routine to have healthy glowing skin; nutrition, sleep, and many other factors play a role in this. But, a good skincare routine is definitely a start! 


Step 1: Double cleanse!

Cleansing is so nice, you must do it twice! The first step to getting the ‘glass skin’ look is to cleanse with an oil-based cleanser or micellar water. Once your makeup, sunscreen, and all that good stuff is off, then you can proceed to wash your face using a gentle-hydrating face wash. This is to ensure the not-so-obvious grime is gone without stripping your skin of the moisture that’s pertinent to the glass skin look. A water-based cleanser will leave your skin feeling supple and hydrated, setting you up for the next steps. 


Step 2: Exfoliate

Exfoliation is a must for the glass-skin look. By exfoliating your skin regularly, you are preventing acne by unclogging the pores and allowing other skincare products to penetrate deeper. But, you may want to save this step for nighttime, especially if you choose to use photosensitizing acids as your means of exfoliation. In fact, acid-based peels and face masks — those made with alpha and beta hydroxy acids — promote that glassy glow when eliminating dead skin cells. For the sake of avoiding irritation, don’t exfoliate every single night.


Step 3: Toner

Today’s toners are no longer drying astringents, so they do help to work towards the glass skin goal: highly hydrated skin. The use of a toner is very important because it is the first leave-on step that hydrates and treats, to help provide the luminous, dewy look. Toners help serums and creams absorb and perform better. We’d call that a win-win.


Step 4: Apply an Essence

To really get a head-start on retaining moisture, follow your toner with an essence. An essence is a water-based skin care product that contains a high content of active ingredients to hydrate, protect, and boost the overall health of skin. Essences are somewhere between a toner and a serum. An essence is ideal for those who want to really drive moisture into the skin, because they’re ultra-hydrating which is the goal for the glass-skin look. 


Step 5: Serums, serums, serums

To achieve the K-beauty ideal, the skin’s dewiness, even tone, and smoothness calls for a variety of different types of ingredients. Serums come in many shapes and sizes, with a multitude of different benefits. Hyaluronic acid draws in moisture, vitamin C helps to brighten and protect with antioxidants, and peptides are a sure bet for a smoother, firmer texture. You don’t have to use three different serums to reap those benefits; frequency’s ‘BrightenRx’ serum contains three types of vitamin C to brighten the complexion and four types of hyaluronic acid to provide the optimal amount of hydration to the skin. Similarly, our ‘PlanB’ serum is the hydration go-to. A soothing combination of provitamin B5 for long term hydration and healthy-looking skin, niacinamide to renew and restore, and hyaluronic acid to provide maximum skin hydration. Layer it on, or use one product for all of your needs. Up to you!


Step 6: Moisturize

We made it! Moisturizer is just about your final stop in the glass-skin routine. The benefits of a good moisturizer are endless. Moisturizers help prevent dry skin, improve the skin’s texture, and of course, boost hydration! All of which are important for the glass skin look. Frequency’s ‘ButterFace’ ceramide facial cream will be the answer to your prayers. This cream forms an effective barrier against moisture loss & supports the renewal of the skin’s natural protective layer. While also hydrating and strengthening your skin cells.


Step 7: Protect!

If you’re a skincare connoisseur, you’ve heard this before, but it’s always worth repeating. Put on your sunscreen! Whether you choose to apply a separate moisturizer and sunscreen or just a very moisturizing sunscreen, sun protection is arguably the most important step in the glass-skin routine. This will ensure that all of your skincare efforts do not go to waste.