The ‘It Girl’ Fitness Style Guide

The ‘It Girl’ Fitness Style Guide

Whether you’re a Hot Yoga addict, Pilates princess, or Cardio junkie, this guide is here to help you shop for form and function. Our philosophy is ‘from skin to soul’, and what you put on your skin includes activewear. So we’re here to help! Below, frequency lays out what fitness apparel you’ll need to show up and feel your best. 

For the ‘Street-meets-Chic Yogi’

Zip-Up Jacket

If you’re a Hot Vinyasa kinda gal, this one’s for you. Layers are your best friend. When you’re pulling up at dawn when the sun is down and the weather is brisk, or the late evening, after work and ready to sweat! Either way, you’ll need a lightweight sweater or jacket to keep you warm until you really start to sweat. 




Water Bottle

Water bottles for the win! A classic staple, but a necessary one. Yoga is about taking care of your mind and body, what better way to do that than to stay hydrated? Drink up, hottie. 








High-Waist Leggings 


High-waist leggings are sexy, soft, and supportive. In a yoga class, where you’re moving from inversions to arm-balances, you need leggings that look good but are functional too.





For the ‘Pilates Princess’

One-Piece Set

An athleisure one-piece set will be your best friend in a reformer flow. The ideal studio to street outfit, you can show up to class and then grab lunch after! Not only does this one-piece look good, it feels good too. Look fabulous on the reformer, and everywhere else.  




Leg Warmers

What better way to keep it cute and cozy? We promise you, these will be your best friend. Chic and light, this accessory will perk you up pre-workout, while also giving your ‘fit an extra flare. 







Oversized Scrunchie

Last but not least, you’ll need an oversized scrunchie to complete the look. These keep your hair in place, but are triple the fun!






For the ‘Barre Babe’

Grip Socks

There’s a reason they make you wear grip socks, they help keep you stable and grounded. Although they’re a necessity for most barre classes, they also are super cute and fun to style with! Pick your favorite type, color, and length to pair with your barre babe outfit. 






Infinity Scarf

Hear us out. Although you might’ve thought these died in 2007, infinity scarves make the perfect layering accessory for your barre class. They give the dainty ballerina aesthetic while also keeping you cozy before things really start to heat up. 





Long-Sleeve Top with Thumb Hole

Sporty, comfortable, and flattering, long-sleeve tops offer a light-weight but chic look for barre class. With the thumb hole design, these shirts are created for both activewear and convenience. Get ready to channel your inner ballerina! 






For the ‘Cardio Junkie’

Lightweight Joggers

Not the typical cardio choice, but a good one. Comfortable, easily adjustable, with an urban streetwear feel. Lightweight joggers are the best choice to be ‘that girl’, because they’re fun and functional. 






Mini Belt Bag

This accessory is perfect for our runners, HIIT enthusiasts, and cyclists. You can grab and go, without worrying about too much extra baggage. Throw your keys, phone, and earbuds in, then get to work!



Oversized Headband

Oversized everything here at frequency! These adorable headbands will keep your hair in place while your sprinting on that treadmill, and keep you looking cute while doing it.







For the ‘Strength-Training Queen’

Quarter-Zip Hoodie

The supreme choice for layering. These hoodies are comfortable and trendy, but also make for the best layering piece. 





Gym Bag

Don’t underestimate the power of a cute gym bag! This one’s a classic for a reason. When you’re hitting the weight rack, you can rest easy knowing that your belongings are safe and sound. 



Slouch Socks

If you don’t own a pair already, run. Don’t walk. You need to wear socks under those sneakers anyways, so why not make them stylish?